Dog Cries When Soldier Returns Home

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    Dog Cries When Soldier Returns Home And It’s Breaking The Hearts Of The Internet.

    Hannah Had Second Thoughts About Leaving
    Hunterprobss / Instagram

    Hannah had developed a strong bond with the animals. After all, she was a farm girl at heart. But one animal, in particular, had won her over. Her dog, Buddy, had been at her side for the last thirteen years. This made it difficult for Hannah to leave her long-time friend without getting all teary-eyed. But it was more than that. Buddy was large and old, so when Hannah came home, she immediately knew that her departure had hit Buddy hard.

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    That's soo sweet :) See animals don't want wars :coffee: It keeps them away from those they love and trust :) Wish the human species were more like the animals :barefoot:
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