Para~Troll Of The Week 2019

Discussion in 'Hen House Cafe' started by Ruthless Feral, Jan 1, 2019.

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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    animated-saturday-image-0048 (1).gif
    So they removed all the unneeded discussion tabs in the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe and added the rules that nobody can follow :ROFLMAO: I had to do a fresh post for this it's almost priceless :XD:

    #Paradumbass Idiot Discord Chat Room New and Improved :ROFLMAO: Rules :sneaky:

    Mayhem Today at 12:23 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :sneaky:

    graphics-camera-407170566.gif Mayhem - prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif What is Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif is a community forum and information resource dedicated to the discussion and exploration of paranormal, time travel and alternative topics. We want to offer to all of our members the best community experience as possible in order for everyone to be comfortable discussing all kinds of paranormal topics. We also aim at being a resource, for everyone who's searching for information about the topics we cover.

    Why Rules? The following rules are in effect to make sure our community is a happy one, and that out of the box discussions can take place in a perfectly fluent way for everyone interested.

    We Discuss Paranormal No matter how crazy or weird an idea is, we are the best forum to discuss it without concerns or boundaries of any kind. On Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif you don't have to fear being made fun of or attacked just because you believe in, or thought about something unusual. We actually want to discuss about it too! While we encourage it, we are aware that rational and critical thinking might not always perfectly apply to some of the wildest discussions you'll find here.

    Respect Respect other members and their beliefs, ideas, opinions at all times. We also expect members to be polite and courteous with one another. Aggression, disrespect, baiting, flaming, homophobia, racism, name calling (this includes calling people trolls or accusing them of trolling.), belittling, sarcasm, bullying, gossiping, are all unacceptable behavior and will result in Disciplinary Action.

    Simply because you do not agree with a thread's subject does not entitle you to attempt to end it with rude witticisms. Allow people to tell their stories at all times. Attempting on every occasion to point out something or someone is a hoax is rude and doesn't encourage discussion. Members who are not respectful of their fellow members or their ideas are going to be warned or banned by the Discord staff and their disrespectful messages will be deleted.

    Members who are not respectful of their fellow members or their ideas are going to be warned or banned by the Discord staff and their disrespectful messages will be deleted. 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    mantrax6.png :eek: :ROFLMAO:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :coffee: That's hysterical Mayhem considering you can't even follow the rules :sneaky: You bait and start shit all the time and I have it here as verification on this stupid comic strip :XD: Too bad you have zero control over anything I say or do ;)

    • Wind7 mid-halloween-fantome-31.gif Since speaking out about Nightvision's forum.. I found myself permanently removed as a member there. Well... that's what I was going to do, quit her site. Score!! yy.jpg

    mantrax6.png :) ;)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Like I said many times before Wind7 :eek: the less stupid people book 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg thumpers who support shady crooks who abuse peoples personal security 555rr56654.gif , bomb threats and other peoples children threatened who're unable to EVOLVE and step their asses into reality around me the better ant-waving-animation.gif The main reasons I have my place locked up is to prevent the trouble makers, selfie centered internet whores ( male and female ) with no brains and stupid people book thumpers from shoving their ridiculous weak minded fairy tale delusional crap down peoples throats ;) I could give a flying fuck less about traffic :) I prefer quality over quantity ( that would be WHY is invite only ) :coffee: Plus I don't want others messing up my numbers :barefoot: Funny how you all always need back up :XD: I never need back up :sneaky: Stupid people book 12144693_912300128855687_81833 (1).jpg thumpers tend to ruin everything everywhere they go with their nonsense throughout history (n) They don't get to ruin my world ever :D All that damn crook has to do is give me my entitled REFUND and this goes away otherwise this will last as long as it takes until I do get my refund :sneaky: I have no problems carrying this on for decades ;) I'm not controlled by non existent fairy tale creatures :XD: I have a lot of life left and I don't really give a fuck what anyone thinks about it :) Don't know why people are too damn stupid to understand that simple solution :coffee:

    • Wind7 Thursday at 4:45 AM mid-halloween-fantome-31.gif I see it didn't take long for that other place to take a slap at myself. Trash talking ain't an IQ show. 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: It's not really trash talk Wind7 mid-halloween-fantome-31.gif It's the truth :) You're right though the religion crap that started this shit does tend to lower ones IQ :XD: because believing in fairy tale creatures at this point in time does that to people (n) Sorry you support crooks 555rr56654.gif who rip people off and abuse their personal security while bomb threats and other peoples children threatened are allowed to be posted in that fucked up ancient mess :cautious: Sorry your vision is soo obscured from reality and you have no understanding of what this is about or what I'm up to ;) You're doing what the trouble makers did that started this stupid shit which makes you just as horrible as they are as you hide behind your fairy tale creature in defense of a crook ;) They were hiding behind their weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg ass minds as well as they started the shit then used it as an excuse to justify them being trouble makers and fuck ups (y) Not my problem you people are blind :XD: Sorry your imagination spaces are soo limited by your fairy tale creature :coffee: I don't have that problem :sneaky: I don't let people get away with ripping me off ;) Especially when I did nothing wrong but defend myself from the stupid people book thumpers with no understanding of reality who started the trouble in the first damn place with their dumb fuck trouble making nonsense :) Nothing worse than a stupid people book thumper who starts the shit then hides behind religion to justify it :coffee: You'd be pissed to of he ripped you off, abused your personal security, allowed your child to be threatened and bomb threats posted on his primitive idiot forum :) That sort of intimidation crap may work well on most but not me :XD: It didn't intimidate me at all it only fueled the fire (y) I want my REFUND or this stupid shit never ends :D I KNOW what this is doing to his ancient forums reputation :) It's being turned into a joke and I'm enjoying every minute of it :coffee: He's lucky this is all I'm doing :confused: I could escalate it at any time :) This has nothing to do with you so I don't know why you're intruding yourself in the way of my business (n) YOU were never a target so don't make yourself one :) That idiot paradumbass chat room is my play ground until I get what I asked for :sneaky: Again it's not fucking rocket science :ROFLMAO: What he 555rr56654.gif did and allowed others to do was NOT an OK fucking thing to do ;) If your incapable of understanding that then go fuck yourself :confused: Bomb threats and threatening other peoples children while hiding behind dumb fuck religions is no joke and is low life scum bag activity :) Just ask 911 survivors and their families :cautious: 911 happened because of stupid people book 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg thumpers and their damn fairy tales :coffee: I have all the fucked up shit the dumb fuck 555rr56654.gif allowed to be posted saved here as proof :)

    • Wind7 Today at 4:10 AM mid-halloween-fantome-31.gif Been on that other site again. Hmmmm.... What would Mr. Greenbrow 32.jpg say....?

    Wind7 mid-halloween-fantome-31.gif Have to admit, that was a hoot. 135235235235.gif

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: Ya I know it was fun free minded goofy stuff until the trouble makers started the shit :cautious: I never bothered anyone over there and kept to myself and you know that :barefoot: The trouble makers couldn't create a thread that would hold anyone's interest for very long ( because they're boring as fuck ) so they started the stupid shit because mine did :) You were fun to write stupid add lib story stuff with Wind7 that's why I had TN Dawg send you an invite ;) Hen House Cafe isn't a part of my forum really :coffee: It's my portal where I can speak my mind freely without being interrupted by idiots :) All he 555rr56654.gif has to do is give me my refund because he owes it to me for abusing my personal information that he keeps giving to these dumb fucks who want to make threats that don't work on me :XD: As soon as that happens all this stupid comic strip crap will be deleted for good and I can move on :coffee: I tried telling him 555rr56654.gif on multiple occasions what they were doing and he ignored it then he joined in with the baiting crap they were doing :cautious: I held my cool and ignored the shit for as long as I could before I erupted ;) Being Misanthrope it wasn't an easy thing to do to ignore trouble makers :XD: It's not my problem he's soo damn deaf, dumb and blind (n) Maybe he should listen when someone is reporting trouble makers and do something about it instead of ignoring it or joining in :coffee: If he had done that we wouldn't be here :barefoot: I would have eventually got my own place anyway because I like my seclusion here :ninja: Nobody bothers me and I can experiment with my weirdo hobbies freely :sneaky: What I'm doing is harmless compared to what they did :coffee: I don't threaten people or their children or make bomb threats or abuse anyone's personal information like he 555rr56654.gif does and allows :cautious: I'm just interacting with cartoons and there's really no harm in that :XD: The trouble makers favorite place to be dumb fucks was that idiot chat room so that's why I commandeered 3d450215ac26dc68b7b42028f3227479.gif it for my stupid comic strip :sneaky:

    To Be Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:
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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    good-night-gif-png-196481.gif Not much action in the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe :coffee: Same old uninteresting unimpressive stupid shit :XD:

    #Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif 02553.gif

    graphics-camera-407170566.gif Collaboris 04/28/2019
    i had a dream i was doing telekinesis with ease. mainly on small objects that were less than 10 pounds. i heard a conversing crowd near by observing me. they all kept saying "this is one of many things yet to be unsealed within him, i see great promise of this reclamation."

    geo6 04/28/2019 a7e9e-ni25c325b1o2bjugando.gif cool yeah i often have tk in dreams only one time irl but it was because i did it in dreams first
    samzeman 04/28/2019 men14.gif~c20055.gif I had a dream where I was watching Mt. Fuji erupt and I had tk, last night. I was trying to make an extremely heavy turbine run backwards so fast that it broke, to defeat someone, idk why. I had to dodge motorbikes being slid along the floor at high speeds to me Mt Fuji was pretty with ribbons of lava running down it at night though Even though I have very little idea of what it looks like irl
    Cyr 04/28/2019 71309939299.gif Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. Not sure if some of you remember me, but I was here a few months ago recruiting people to join my group on time travel research (also other things, not specifically time travel but mostly time travel) I had to close the group as I did not have any time or resources to continue, but I am back and looking to restart. Please let me know either here or in direct messages if you are interested.
    Malon 04/28/2019 elderly10.gif Depends on what's involved and what the other topics are I have useful information and am a researcher but I'm not very interested in time travel as I believe it's a dead end

    April 29, 2019

    Mayhem Last Monday at 6:13 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif @Cyr hi there where is this located at, a forum or ?
    ImaginaryFriend Last Monday at 6:14 AM source (26).gif @Cyr I remember. I am interested.
    samzeman Last Monday at 6:48 AM men14.gif~c20055.gif I'd be interested
    Cyr Last Monday at 3:22 PM 71309939299.gif @Mayhem I will create a group chat or server on discord solely for these projects. Thanks everyone, I will be reaching out to you all shortly!
    Kaito Nishijou Last Monday at 4:49 PM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif Is Time Travel shorted to TT or TTL?
    Malon Last Monday at 5:57 PM elderly10.gif Tt

    April 30, 2019

    Tron1981 Last Tuesday at 8:04 AM key.png I hit 1,000 on the lottery last week. I go to cash in my winnings I come back split a 20.00 ticket and 20k comes out

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: You're full of shit Tron :XD: Stop trying to scam people with your nonsense ;)

    Titor_John Last Tuesday at 8:08 AM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif Nice
    Mayhem Last Tuesday at 8:20 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Produce ticket please? Good luck to ya not that i dont believe you @Tron1981
    Tron1981 Last Tuesday at 8:32 AM key.png It happened yesterday. I shit you not we split the ticket 10.00 each and hit 20k. Thank you HDR s-l300 (1)44.jpg
    Mayhem Last Tuesday at 8:33 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif nice one it always comes back around
    Tron1981 Last Tuesday at 8:33 AM key.png I can load my 1k hit
    ImaginaryFriend Last Tuesday at 8:33 AM source (26).gif HDR? s-l300 (1)44.jpg
    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :) Oh it's just something you shove up your ass to pretend time travel with :ROFLMAO:
    Tron1981 Last Tuesday at 8:34 AM key.png Oh newbs

    Mayhem Last Tuesday at 8:34 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Just dont bury the hdr s-l300 (1)44.jpg under the concrete like last time.
    Tron1981 Last Tuesday at 8:34 AM key.png No this is true

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg You're a liar ;)
    ImaginaryFriend Last Tuesday at 8:35 AM source (26).gif HDR s-l300 (1)44.jpg looks like a machine from Napoleon Dynamite, I don't beleive that it works.
    Tron1981 Last Tuesday at 8:35 AM key.png It does they made fun of it like most do you all lose out on that 135235235235.gif
    ImaginaryFriend Last Tuesday at 8:36 AM source (26).gif How does it work?
    Mayhem Last Tuesday at 8:36 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Any info on whom may have provided technical time travel assistance for the back to the future part 1.? I dont mean Ron Cobb. He did the work on the delorian I know the cia where involved in influencing some early movies as one member of paramount was in the cia.
    ImaginaryFriend Last Tuesday at 8:37 AM source (26).gif What cia did?
    Mayhem Last Tuesday at 8:37 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif do your research
    nardic1ne Last Tuesday at 12:15 PM 3dcd8ab9.gif Any one of y'all know how to contain plasma from microwaves from sum grapes in a microwave
    Malon Last Tuesday at 12:38 PM elderly10.gif Glass bowl
    Weirdo Last Tuesday at 8:18 PM animated-elderly-image-005388.gif Hey HDR s-l300 (1)44.jpg for sale here Everything works. Missing labeled polarity magnet and crystal.

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :) Oh look another scammer trying to get stupid people to buy a pretend time machine :ROFLMAO:

    Weirdo Last Tuesday at 9:56 PM animated-elderly-image-005388.gif Sold
    Mayhem Last Tuesday at 10:00 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Pretty quick!

    May 1, 2019

    Gamma137 Last Wednesday at 5:37 AM hhhddsddav044y.gif Oh Is it me or the server changed?
    Mayhem Last Wednesday at 5:38 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif @Enigamma137 Yes it has moved out a lot of unused tabs.
    Gamma137 Last Wednesday at 5:38 AM hhhddsddav044y.gif I see that You're right, there's already everything on the forum :
    Mayhem Last Wednesday at 5:40 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif This is more of a link to the forum rather than standalone as it had been sort of operating.
    Cyr Last Wednesday at 8:24 PM 71309939299.gif HDR s-l300 (1)44.jpg does not work work at all. Not sure why this is still in conversation I’m not interested in debating HDR s-l300 (1)44.jpg either
    Cyr Last Wednesday at 8:38 PM 71309939299.gif @Tron1981 congrats!

    May 3, 2019

    John Titor Last Friday at 4:54 AM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif Hello
    Mayhem Last Friday at 6:53 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif @TimeTravelZer0 Whats happening?
    Kaito Nishijou Last Friday at 7:29 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif Everyone is John Titor nowadays
    Cosmo Last Friday at 4:04 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif - nado
    Kaito Nishijou Last Friday at 7:34 PM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif ???
    Cosmo Last Friday at 7:38 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif John Tea Tornado Don't worry about it you'll sprain your liver
    Kaito Nishijou Last Friday at 7:39 PM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif
    Mayhem Last Friday at 8:43 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif
    Always with the excuse me what.

    May 4, 2019

    ikonik Yesterday at 12:29 AM dildo.gif Why are there no subsss What happened I've Benn gone
    Mayhem Yesterday at 12:30 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif @ikonik This is more of a link to the forum rather than standalone as it had been sort of operating.
    ikonik Yesterday at 12:31 AM dildo.gif I feel you How you been @Mayhem
    Mayhem Yesterday at 12:31 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif doing fine you?
    ikonik Yesterday at 12:32 AM dildo.gif You know what it is Depressed and drunk again
    Mayhem Yesterday at 12:33 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif any meds?
    ikonik Yesterday at 12:33 AM dildo.gif Not right now Been of about a yeast Year I started this tms treatment place But haven't did any yet I'm nervous about the radioactivity to the brain or the mind control device
    Mayhem Yesterday at 12:35 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Programme the mind yourself with mind mantras. May help.
    ikonik Yesterday at 12:37 AM dildo.gif I got to figure that out I think I'm a bit sociopathoc I hate everything and everyone and have bipolar tendencies Idk what to do I got to drive home 20 mins away
    Mayhem Yesterday at 12:39 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif i can only say stay positive.
    ikonik Yesterday at 12:39 AM dildo.gif Thanks mane @Mayhem do you moderate this channel?
    Mayhem Yesterday at 12:42 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Yeah
    ikonik Yesterday at 12:53 AM dildo.gif That's dope
    Mayhem Yesterday at 12:55 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif I suppose some smoke gave that up clear thinking is best
    Cosmo Yesterday at 2:37 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif

    To Be Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:
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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    good-morning-duckling-ag2.gif Nothing much really happening in the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe :coffee: Seems to be turning into a ghost town for some strange reason :XD:

    #Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif 02553.gif

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :sneaky:

    JasperMoon 05/06/2019
    giphy (47).gif
    hello are you talking time travel tonight?
    Cosmo 05/06/2019 computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Sorry, tonight we're talking time SHARES.

    May 8, 2019

    Cosmo 05/08/2019 computer-clipart-animated-5.gif @HDRKID stole my cheese
    Jikan Yugami 05/08/2019 animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif Not the cheese
    ForeverConscious 05/08/2019 1-alien-spock-impression.png most recent upload

    May 9, 2019

    Kaito Nishijou Last Thursday at 3:06 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif
    Kaito Nishijou Last Thursday at 4:14 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif
    Hey all, how is everybody doing?
    Mayhem Last Thursday at 4:18 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Not bad hows your day?
    Cosmo Last Thursday at 9:30 AM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif It was expensive time cheese. Aged -32 years during the terrible reign of RoboBaterGinsburg and the collapse of the west.
    Jikan Yugami Last Thursday at 9:31 AM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif Wtf
    Cosmo Last Thursday at 9:31 AM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Watch your goddamn mouth
    Jikan Yugami Last Thursday at 9:31 AM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif Sorry dad
    Cosmo Last Thursday at 9:32 AM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif
    Jikan Yugami Last Thursday at 9:33 AM
    animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif this is John. He's a robin. In hind sight I should have named him Robin.
    Cosmo Last Thursday at 9:36 AM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif I had a friend growing up who named their dog Deohgee
    Jikan Yugami Last Thursday at 9:36 AM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif
    Kaito Nishijou Last Thursday at 5:00 PM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif
    Guys I think I'm a time traveler
    [​IMG] 135235235235.gif

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: Ya well christian's 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg enjoyed snatching innocent people from their families then burning these INNOCENT people alive who understood and lived in reality ;) They were brutally murdered by christian's 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg because they wouldn't submit to believing in fucking fairy tale creatures who represent nothing but cruelty, death, destruction and war throughout history :coffee: They can't get away with that horrible fucked up shit any longer :) There's not a damn thing GOOD about the delusions christian's 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg try forcing on people who KNOW better dumb fuck ;) There's going to come a time in the not too distant future where religions will be known as nothing but a joke designed to control stupid people who can't THINK, evolve or survive on their own without believing in some ridiculous non existent fairy tale creature :XD: Religions WILL die out one day and be gone forever in the glorious wonderful ban ALL religion future :) I know I'm not the only one that thinks this :coffee: More and more people in future generations will begin to use their brains and understand that the SUN :eek: animated-sun-image-00685.gif :XD: is our only form of god or maker :D Always has been and always will be ;) There's no other in reality :) My children were raised knowing this fact and their children will know it and so on and so on... (y) Our solar system wouldn't exist without the sun and neither would we :XD: The world will be a better much safer place to exist without idiot weak minded religions constantly fucking things up all the damn time with their delusional fairy tales :cautious: Religions are the reason WHY the world is soo fucked up ;)

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :XD:

    Jikan Yugami Last Thursday at 5:01 PM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif Nani!?
    Kaito Nishijou Last Thursday at 5:02 PM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif My Discord can view messages from the future
    Jikan Yugami Last Thursday at 5:02 PM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif Impressive
    Kaito Nishijou Last Thursday at 5:03 PM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif Indeed
    Jikan Yugami Last Thursday at 5:06 PM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif I'm finally home again I landed safely

    May 10, 2019

    Mayhem Last Friday at 5:17 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif good to hear
    Kaito Nishijou Last Friday at 5:28 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif Congratulations! You are alive Anyway I'm glad to hear that
    Tron1981 Yesterday at 12:25 PM key.png I'm away of now I switched lines Got to wait a week having problems

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Tron you're soo full of shit is hysterical :ROFLMAO: Anybody stupid enough to believe one damn thing you say is just plain fucking stupid :XD:

    ForeverConscious Yesterday at 2:35 PM 1-alien-spock-impression.png LoL take your time coming back
    Tron1981 Yesterday at 7:44 PM key.png Gibbs said it takes 1 to 2 weeks to re turn. 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    mantrax6.png :) :XD:

    To Be Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:
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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    animated-hi-6.gif Well there was a little more action in the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe but nothing really all that exciting or even interesting :XD:

    #Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif 02553.gif

    graphics-camera-407170566.gif Mayhem Last Wednesday at 6:28 AM
    gibbs says a lot of things.
    ForeverConscious Last Wednesday at 9:32 AM 1-alien-spock-impression.png So does trump
    JasperMoon Last Wednesday at 6:37 PM giphy (47).gif hello
    Cosmo Last Wednesday at 10:07 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif The difference is Trump has actually time traveled.

    May 16, 2019

    SuperN3rdMaster Last Thursday at 4:55 AM fasfsfa.png Sup guys!
    geo5 Last Thursday at 3:55 PM a7e9e-ni25c325b1o2bjugando.gif Sup nerd

    May 17, 2019

    Zag Yesterday at 8:30 PM ffrrdddyy.gif L O Everyone Cosmo, can you say that now? Has it been cleared.?
    Mayhem Yesterday at 8:32 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif John G Trump cleared it Hello
    Zag Yesterday at 8:32 PM ffrrdddyy.gif Oh Oh have we Triggered a Time lord Incident.... Whew Thank God animated-sun-image-00685.gif for Jack Herrer Flowers, this Old body has been used hard can still WORK it it with His Flowers Is it safe to engage in Discourse With Mayhem? Hmmmmm Well too late now
    Mayhem Yesterday at 8:38 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif There's all sorts on paradumbass
    Zag Yesterday at 8:38 PM ffrrdddyy.gif How's your Stnding Waves Doin?
    Mayhem Yesterday at 8:39 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Riding at 33hz
    Zag Yesterday at 8:39 PM ffrrdddyy.gif Oh are You in the Timeline Where JFK Jr Is still alive here in 2019? ~ 42 ~ We are working to Close Jack Parson's Babylon Working In the Pasadena Hills ~ No more L AM Well maybe not this timeline has a new functioning Chaos filter...
    Mayhem Yesterday at 8:58 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Dont forget what you have to do today @SuperN3rdMaster
    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 8:58 PM fasfsfa.png vote lol
    Mayhem Yesterday at 8:58 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif lets get rid of capt fat guts
    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 8:58 PM fasfsfa.png who you voted for?
    Mayhem Yesterday at 8:59 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif not the liberals
    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 8:59 PM fasfsfa.png i voted for the women party jk lol
    Mayhem Yesterday at 8:59 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif i thought you meant the greens there for a second hahahs
    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 9:00 PM fasfsfa.png The green is prop worst then the women party
    Mayhem Yesterday at 9:00 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Thank god animated-sun-image-00685.gif for early voting centres
    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 9:02 PM fasfsfa.png Yeah all these party's are full of lies
    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 9:34 PM fasfsfa.png I’m going to vote now
    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 10:34 PM fasfsfa.png voted and all those party's are shit

    May 18, 2019

    Mayhem Today at 4:21 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif any more orbs @SuperN3rdMaster
    Power Today at 5:34 AM oldmanyy.gif Im new to time travel, found the website intruiging 135235235235.gif
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:36 AM fasfsfa.png Yeah i seen loads of them sense even ufos
    Power Today at 5:36 AM oldmanyy.gif I saw a ufo like few weeks ago, moving away from the moon. its like a tiny star so that made me belive
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:37 AM fasfsfa.png was it red?
    Power Today at 5:37 AM oldmanyy.gif that something is happening oh yes red how do you know
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:37 AM fasfsfa.png i might of saw it
    Power Today at 5:37 AM oldmanyy.gif wow dude that made me skeptic to a believer 6.gif
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:37 AM fasfsfa.png yeah they are real
    Power Today at 5:38 AM oldmanyy.gif have you time travelled
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:38 AM fasfsfa.png Nope
    Power Today at 5:39 AM oldmanyy.gif after Ive seen that ufo, I thought like nothing is impossible . anything could happen so this made me believe in time travel too I just want to know if humans have done it or is it just a hoax
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:42 AM fasfsfa.png Time travel is possible but it's kinda usless to me
    Power Today at 5:45 AM oldmanyy.gif oh why
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:46 AM fasfsfa.png cause traveling to other dimension is way cooler
    Power Today at 5:47 AM oldmanyy.gif that's even more interesting what happens if you travel to other dimensions are you talking about astral projection?
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:47 AM fasfsfa.png yeah but with the hdr s-l300 (1)44.jpg you will be able to travel physical
    Power Today at 5:48 AM oldmanyy.gif from how long have you been travelling astrally
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:49 AM fasfsfa.png for the last year just hard to remember
    Power Today at 5:50 AM oldmanyy.gif are you being consistent with it
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:50 AM fasfsfa.png if i wake up in the middle of the night i have one
    Mayhem Today at 5:50 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif We'd never be able to get the hdr s-l300 (1)44.jpg here it would be taken by customs.
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:51 AM fasfsfa.png why is that?
    Mayhem Today at 5:51 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif they open all packages
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:51 AM fasfsfa.png did you order one?
    Power Today at 5:51 AM oldmanyy.gif they dont know what a hdr s-l300 (1)44.jpg is
    Mayhem Today at 5:52 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif until gibbs answers the phone no
    Power Today at 5:52 AM oldmanyy.gif have you time travelled?
    Mayhem Today at 5:52 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif i have never claimed to do so
    Power Today at 5:53 AM oldmanyy.gif im just asking if you did, im curious @SuperN3rdMaster what's your technique to astral project, have you practiced it consciously when the first time you did it?
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:57 AM fasfsfa.png nah it just happen naturally right now for some reason it only recently happen
    Power Today at 5:57 AM oldmanyy.gif interesting do you see other beings?
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 5:57 AM fasfsfa.png not really just orbs :) :XD: :cool:
    Power Today at 5:57 AM oldmanyy.gif interesting that's good
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 6:08 AM fasfsfa.png @Mayhem wanna test something cool?
    Mayhem Today at 6:08 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif what is it?
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 6:09 AM fasfsfa.png alright i got this trick close your eyes it might work with your cause i talked to you before
    Mayhem Today at 6:09 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif ok closed
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 6:10 AM fasfsfa.png tell me what you saw when you done alright i'm done now
    Mayhem Today at 6:11 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 6:12 AM fasfsfa.png
    woah bruh was it white?
    Mayhem Today at 6:12 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif nah man i closed the mind so nothing came in
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 6:12 AM fasfsfa.png wanna try again?
    Mayhem Today at 6:13 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif look at that pic though
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 6:13 AM fasfsfa.png what about it?
    Mayhem Today at 6:13 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif If you can see anything in it
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 6:14 AM fasfsfa.png don't know sorry crop circles
    Power Today at 6:20 AM oldmanyy.gif Is that some kind of wood

    mantrax6.png :sneaky: :XD:
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 7:30 AM fasfsfa.png mayhem who you think will win?
    Mayhem Today at 7:38 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif libs have it WA wont save it now, good to see abbott gone.

    To Be Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:
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  5. Breaking News

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    hi-and-hello-6039.gif Just a quick alert post :) Will add stupid comic strip crap later :sneaky:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg FYI to the dumb fuck caveman (1)ttt.gif that Mack Daddy #7 555rr56654.gif 02553.gif is giving everybody's email to who claims to be a hacker and is looking to scam people out of money... :coffee: You're NOT any good at what you do ;) Just saying :ROFLMAO: You may want to know a bit more about the people you're trying to scam before you make yourself look foolish :) I KNOW who you are because the emails started when you joined that fucked up ancient mess and stupidly announced yourself as a hacker :sneaky: A good hacker with a functioning brain doesn't announce themselves as a hacker dumb ass :ROFLMAO: They also wouldn't be sending out emails when they have bigger fish in the ocean to choose from :XD: Truth is you're a lazy loser bum :eek: 1467637024_by_rasizm45_inner.gif :sneaky: who can't hold down a job so chooses to try and rip people off :D To the legit respectable members over on Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif who's been banned or has a beef with that damn crook... 555rr56654.gif :cautious: He's abusing your emails and other personal information :coffee: So if you get an email from this lazy dumb fuck caveman (1)ttt.gif that claims they have control over your email and will email all your contacts and tell people you're a pervert unless you give them money :ROFLMAO: Just delete the email don't even read it because in reality the dumb ass doesn't have control over any damn thing :XD: It's just an intimidation scam ;) This retard really has no clue who he's dealing with and I think it's hilarious :) The dumb fuck caveman (1)ttt.gif needs to look up what Nonconforming Misanthrope means and learn to accept the fact he won't be getting jack shit from me ;) That weak minded retarded stupid intimidation shit doesn't work on me :XD: I will only turn you into a joke for my personal entertainment :sneaky: These dumb fucks seem to be getting more and more stupid by the day (n) If I get another one of these emails sent to me :coffee: I'm going to copy and paste it over here and mock and decorate the fuck out of it and the dumb fuck who sent it :D What makes it even more horrible is these dumb fucks hide behind religions as they're being this fucked up stupid :XD: The weak :eek: 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg :coffee: minded are never able to practice that stupid shit they preach for some strange reason :ROFLMAO: I've talked to a few others who have received the same scam email ;)

    mantrax6.png :) :sneaky:
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  6. FindersKeepers

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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    NOTHING much in the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe idiot chat room :( This will have to do for now I just like rubbing it in :sneaky:

    #Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif 02553.gif

    graphics-camera-407170566.gif kokain131 Last Friday at 4:31 AM
    how do i get powers ? not just doing cokain
    Cosmo Last Friday at 9:47 AM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Has to be cocaine.
    Cosmo Last Friday at 10:19 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Flat Earth is real.Life is magic. Drink Ovaltine.
    Mayhem Last Friday at 10:23 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif wheres page 2? its shows 1/2 for those that dont now what BYEMAN is
    The BYEMAN Control System (BCS), or simply BYEMAN (designated BYE, or B), was a security control system put in place to protect information about the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and its operations.
    SꝂULLATØR_ꝂANE Last Friday at 10:28 PM 0599a14fd3420eb3eb4da9eeec2a470c-2.gif So, I have a question for people who say the earth's flat why?

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Because they're dumb fuck idiots ;)
    SuperN3rdMaster Last Friday at 10:57 PM fasfsfa.png flat earth ain't real lol the reason they hide space sometimes cause their crazy shit out their the public can't handle
    Cosmo Last Friday at 11:43 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Why does the U.N. use the flat earth map as their flag? Why is Antartica so strategic?
    Mayhem Last Friday at 11:44 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif ask admiral byrd
    Cosmo Last Friday at 11:45 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif He ded

    May 25, 2019

    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 1:47 AM fasfsfa.png Earth isn't flat it's simply not possible
    Forde Yesterday at 4:38 AM grandpasmokesm.gif Why? << cause they're all brainwashed by bluebeam and the other cia propaganda

    Jikan Yugami Yesterday at 7:45 PM animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif ya bois back whats up guys
    SuperN3rdMaster Yesterday at 8:40 PM fasfsfa.png Sup bruh
    Numnums7 Yesterday at 9:02 PM 555rr56654.gif Have you guys seen the Star Trek: Picard trailer? What do you think?

    To Be Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:
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  7. BiteMe

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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    monday_014.gif Well they're nagging on about my forum again in the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe (n) None of them seem able to actually read or they would understand what I'm doing ;) These people are OK with bomb threats and other peoples children being threatened posted over there as a control tactic ( scum bag low life thing to do ) ;) but get their panties all in a bunch about being turned into a cartoon :XD: I don't make bomb threats or threaten other peoples children like they do on Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif I don't rip people off or abuse their personal security either :) Really wish people would learn to read :barefoot:

    #Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif 02553.gif

    graphics-camera-407170566.gif Cosmo Yesterday at 12:33 PM
    CBS needs to have Star Trek ripped from their SJW fingers and given to someone who knows what the fuck that universe is about.
    Numnums7 Yesterday at 7:33 PM 555rr56654.gif I bet the first season will end with Picard going in space. Like the whole season will be a slow boring build up to that. Boom, end of S1.

    mantrax6.png :sneaky: :)

    May 27, 2019

    BigCal Today at 12:35 AM drunk8 (1)64.gif why is there a site with all of our old messages Outside The Mind Para~Troll Of The Week 2018 :)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg I love it when you people advertise my place over there :sneaky:

    Mayhem Today at 12:37 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif been around a while man

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :) Yes and it will remain around when that ancient paradumbass 555rr56654.gif forum isn't useful any longer ;) He doesn't get to get away with ripping me off and abusing my personal security :sneaky: He doesn't get to get away with allowing bomb threats and my child threatened either :D Sorry you people are too damn stupid to understand that :barefoot:
    BigCal Today at 12:38 AM drunk8 (1)64.gif who owns it?

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg I own it and i'ts nothing personal but whoever goes into that dumb fuck chat room will end up here turned into a cartoon until that shady weak minded crook 555rr56654.gif gives me my entitled REFUND :coffee:
    Mayhem Today at 12:39 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif night vision/ crazy one 135235235235.gif

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :sneaky:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: I'm not the bad kind of crazy or the delusional kind of crazy Mayhem ;) Or the dumb fucks here who think they can time travel by shoving some ridiculous machine up their asses that doesn't allow them to time travel at all :ROFLMAO: Oh lets not forget all the shady scammers that come in here :sneaky: Or the trouble making weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded stupid people book thumpers who hide behind their fairy tales to be the disgusting horrible people they truly are :) Bottom line everybody who believes in non existent fairy tale creatures is certifiably delusional crazy :XD: I'm not stupid enough to be brainwashed in that manner ;)
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 1:48 AM fasfsfa.png the fuck? that's so creepy

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: It's not creepy at all dumb ass it's all under control ;) I'm intentionally destroying that ancient forums reputation because numnums7 555rr56654.gif ripped me off and abused my personal security :cautious: Creepy is what this idiot chat room is with all it's ridiculous delusions :XD: What's creepy is numnums7 allowing my child to be threatened and bomb threats posted over in that fucked up ancient mess :)
    Amy Today at 1:48 AM april2.png Hello

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :)

    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 1:49 AM fasfsfa.png @Mayhem The fuck who does that

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :D I do that and will continue to do that until I get my refund dumb fuck :sneaky: I'm not controlled by ridiculous fairy tale creatures or any member of the human species outside the law ;) I have the power to do any damn thing I want :coffee:
    Mayhem Today at 1:49 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif people with agendas i suppose i dunno 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :coffee: My only agenda is to get my entitled refund as I destroy the reputation of that ancient fucked up mess :sneaky: Can you people not read or is bomb threats and threatening other peoples children like what happens over there is an OK thing to do with you o_O I guess stupid people book thumpers are incapable of understanding much of anything that's reality based (n) Sorry you're soo fooled Mayhem and kiss way too much ass over there :XD: I kiss nobody's ass ;)
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 1:50 AM fasfsfa.png I see alot of my old ones on there

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :) And you'll see many more in the future if you venture into that idiot chat room :sneaky:
    Mayhem Today at 1:50 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif same do you think i give a fuck?

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Ya I don't give a flying fuck either :)
    SuperN3rdMaster Today at 1:50 AM fasfsfa.png not really i just find it creepy that's all

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :) It's not creepy at all :coffee: I'm having a blast with it until that crook 555rr56654.gif gives me my refund ;) You're just not mentally advanced enough to be able to understand what I'm doing :D I'm the furthest thing from creepy or even crazy :sneaky: I just have more freedom than you people do :XD: I'm simply using the back door where nobody controls what I say or do and interacting with idiots on a paradumbass discord chat room like every ones else :) I just do it with more color and actions :coffee: I like bringing my posts to life ;) You're chats in here are boring as fuck until I bring them to life :XD: Creepy is the delusional dumb fuck loony toons that suffocate that ancient mess :D What I'm doing is harmless compared to what that shady crook 555rr56654.gif allows to go on over there (y) I enjoy nothing more than turning the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif forum and it's dumb fuck chat room into a joke :) Now if he 555rr56654.gif would have put a stop to all the trouble the pudgy little selfie centered internet whore c3b17f62b313d8aed505dc0aa8dc61fb66666.gif with no brain trouble making weak minded stupid people 12144693_912300128855687_81833 (1).jpg book thumper was creating like I asked him to over and over we wouldn't be here ;) All I want is my refund then this stops :barefoot: If that doesn't happen than none of this stupid shit will stop :coffee: He should probably keep those trouble making intrusive stupid people 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg book thumpers on a tighter leash with their disturbing demented dumb ass delusions :) ALL they do is cause trouble with those of us who live in and understand reality (y) Not everyone in the world is stupid enough to be brainwashed by that ridiculous crap :XD:
    Mayhem Today at 1:51 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Hunter S Thompson " It never gets weird enough for me"
    Cosmo Yesterday at 4:37 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif That theme is very Scooby-Doo I was half expecting the fucking Mystery Machine to be their logo

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: Ya don't give me any ideas 3760734_0.jpg :XD: The theme here is called "Thinking Outside The Mind " :sneaky: With the focus on communication and harmless entertainment without dumb fuck boring ass conversations, waste of time debates, scum bag scammers, selfie centered internet whores with no brains, idiot delusional trouble making weak minded religions or politics :D I don't care to hear about peoples uninteresting unimpressive personal lives or talk about them ;) Not to mention it represents a complete burn towards Paradumbass and the dumb fuck trouble makers who started all the shit ;) Sorry you're unable to accomplish that simple task :coffee: I love rubbing the name of my sanctuary in that crooks 555rr56654.gif face knowing he has zero control over anything I say or do :) We have stress relieving simple stupid fun here and we never fight about anything ;) Religion and politics are nothing but a fungus :cautious: A horrible disgusting disease that destroys everything good (y) When you remove dumb fuck religion and politics from the mix people get along better for some strange reason :XD: It's almost magical :ROFLMAO: I'm harmless :barefoot: I have my place on invite only to keep it clean and free of trouble makers :)

    mantrax6.png :sneaky: :XD:

    To Be Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:
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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    tumblr_n897ntmeqy1sunm0go1_500.gif They haven't been leaving me much to eat in the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe idiot discord chatroom but this will do :) Honestly I just love rubbing the fact in that I'll always have access and this stupid shit won't be stopping any time soon :sneaky:

    #Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif 02553.gif
    graphics-camera-407170566.gif grruelty/Chronocular Last Saturday at 3:26 AM rato0008.gif Howdy all!
    Mayhem Last Saturday at 3:43 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif hey there
    Kaito Nishijou Last Saturday at 3:46 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif Morning/Evening
    Mayhem Last Saturday at 3:47 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif see you got yourself in a pickle with paula
    grruelty/Chronocular Last Saturday at 3:47 AM rato0008.gif Hehe bridget.png it's sorta morning for me. It's past midnight.

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Don't you dare fuck with PaulaJedi :) I have a lot of respect for her because she has a big heart and helps animals and she doesn't shove things down people throats :coffee: She also doesn't try scamming people like most do over in that fucked up ancient mess :confused: I will go way out of my way to make you look extra stupid dumb fuck ;)
    Kaito Nishijou Last Saturday at 3:48 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif Haha trying not to be too offensive / aggressive

    Mayhem Last Saturday at 3:48 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif call it neutral:) get stuck into on titor watch the flames fly high
    Kaito Nishijou Last Saturday at 3:50 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif I'll pass lol
    Mayhem Last Saturday at 3:50 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif nah shes all right should check out her youtube channel
    Mayhem Last Saturday at 3:57 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Nice pair of binos there @grruelty
    grruelty/Chronocular Last Saturday at 3:58 AM rato0008.gif Thanks! I came up with the username on the forum, and I felt creative so I photoshopped them together. The wouldn't be very effective for seeing anything though.
    Mayhem Last Saturday at 4:00 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif night vision/ghost chasers
    grruelty/Chronocular Last Saturday at 4:02 AM rato0008.gif I was originally going to just do two apertures, but I thought the old clock would be a nice touch. A symbology of my fascination with time travel. Which invariably is what led me to the forum.

    Mayhem Today at 5:12 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif Morning/Evening
    Kaito Nishijou Today at 8:13 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif Hey there Mayhem, how are you doing?
    Mayhem Today at 8:14 AM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif going fine and you?
    Kaito Nishijou Today at 8:15 AM graphics-cowboy-022790.gif Hanging in there
    Cosmo Today at 12:54 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Kaito is great

    To Be Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:
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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    Slim pickings in the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe past few weeks :XD: Which is a good thing because with my increasing work load I haven't had much time to decorate the stupid shit :sneaky: I could always escalate it and just copy and paste ALL content on the main Paradumbass forum to decorate if I get bored of the tiny boring nibbles in the chat room ;)

    #Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif 02553.gif

    graphics-camera-407170566.gif tron Last Wednesday at 10:42 PM key.png Well its been awhile Titor that you
    Mayhem Last Wednesday at 10:45 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif What happened with the radio slot?
    tron Last Wednesday at 10:45 PM key.png The phones were tapped in we couldn't go on my hdr s-l300 (1)44.jpg didn't center until 2:47pm this afternoon 135235235235.gif
    Mayhem Last Wednesday at 10:46 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif What about going in the there or it is too far?
    tron Last Wednesday at 10:47 PM key.png where?
    Mayhem Last Wednesday at 10:47 PM prishelets-i-inoplanetyanin-animatsion4.gif the location of the station
    tron Last Wednesday at 10:47 PM key.png Sorry the HDR s-l300 (1)44.jpg make me very tired Too far its in Nevada 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    June 20, 2019

    Cosmo Yesterday at 4:16 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif
    ImaginaryFriend Yesterday at 4:17 PM source (26).gif
    @Cosmo I saw ufo.
    Cosmo Yesterday at 4:17 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Was it awesome?
    ImaginaryFriend Yesterday at 4:17 PM source (26).gif It was orange elipse on sky.
    Cosmo Yesterday at 4:18 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Contrails or no? I saw a cigar shaped one with contrails when I was 10 or 11. No wings, no lights. We were in the car and turned the corner and lost it.
    ImaginaryFriend Yesterday at 4:19 PM source (26).gif no just orange elipse on black sky
    Cosmo Yesterday at 4:19 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Moving ?
    ImaginaryFriend Yesterday at 4:20 PM source (26).gif it was moving from east to west then it stopped to move on west then it started to become darker and darker until it fadded away
    Cosmo Yesterday at 4:20 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Weird. That's awesome though. How long ago?
    ImaginaryFriend Yesterday at 4:21 PM source (26).gif 6-7 years. I don't remember
    Cosmo Yesterday at 4:23 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif Someday I'd like to take a chartered plane or something that traces Kenneth Arnold's sighting flightpath I live right around that area I can see Mount Rainier from my place The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting occurred on June 24, 1947, when private pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed that he saw a string of nine, shiny unidentified flying objects flying past Mount Rainier at speeds that Arnold estimated at a minimum of 1,200 miles an hour (1,932 km/hr). Th...

    ImaginaryFriend Yesterday at 4:33 PM source (26).gif there are ufos frequently?
    Cosmo Yesterday at 5:38 PM computer-clipart-animated-5.gif No, but the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947 was the first one to be reported on like this. Happened right here

    Paradumbass Profile Post
    Kaitonishijou graphics-cowboy-022790.gif I think the site's design has changed a bit, hasn't it?
    Also I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

    numnums7 555rr56654.gif A tiny detail was changed last night. Can you find it?

    mantrax6.png :XD: :sneaky:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg I can :sneaky: The avatar shape has turned back to a square from a circle :coffee:

    To Be Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:
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    Continued... timemachine_working1434555533.gif :coffee:

    animated-good-evening-image-0002 (1).gif Just had to do a quick post about this stupid see through shit from the Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe main forum :coffee: This ridiculous delusional bitch disturbingbitch.gif is back to start more trouble :) This stupid bitch has been hiding behind her weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg ass mind causing trouble since 2016 :cautious: This is the desperate stupid bitch who started ALL the trouble because that's all extremest stupid people book thumpers tend to do ;) You're NOT any good at disguises ya dumb weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded intrusive trouble making oxygen thief bitch Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif :XD: You're soo see through it's sickening :ROFLMAO: Your vernaculars are easy to identify :XD: I can FEEL your stupid everywhere :sneaky: Especially when you bore the fuck out of people with your unimpressive uninteresting personal life ;) That's what FB is for :) You're still doing the tune thing wrong because you don't understand how to be creative with it :ROFLMAO: Get the Al Bundy clips ready Mayhem :XD: Now why is that crook 555rr56654.gif allowing you to have more than one account over in that ancient mess when it's against the rules huh ya dumb see through bitch o_O I noticed how quickly you reacted to being busted by your desperation to over post with the multiple accounts that crook is allowing you to have after you read this :XD: By the way I never click on any link your stupid ass posts ;) You probably should have kept your intrusive trouble making monster loving ass out of my business because you'll always be a target :coffee: I don't forgive and I never forget :sneaky: Nothing but pure HATE and disgust for this trouble making intrusive bitch ;) This stupid comic strip wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for this trouble making dumb ass bitch :cautious:

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch
    Music and life

    disturbingbitch.gif 3 surprises in one day. Sigh... Oh well. Life is Life.I walked in the kitchen and said aloud "Surprises, surprises. Always surprises". My little girl said "Is there Another One?!?" Made me giggle. I said "No. Thank God". 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg Watering flowers, my neighbor said "You can't win!!" and "It's only Tuesday!" I just laughed, nodded and said "I know!". Lol 6.gif

    abnormalaties/lightsolitaire//Dumb Bitch c3b17f62b313d8aed505dc0aa8dc61fb66666.gif music is everything besides God 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg and family.

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Well that's not obvious at all :ROFLMAO:

    mantrax6.png :sneaky: ;)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :coffee: You're STILL doing the tune thing wrong :XD: The imagery and sound has to match up with the numbers and you're not any good at it :sneaky: FYI Stop trying to scam people with that made up BS character John Titor who doesn't exist ya delusional demented dumb bitch :) Now don't forget to bore the fuck out of everyone with your unimpressive uninteresting personal life you shove down peoples throats :XD: Hasn't worked out all that well for your stupid ass last few times :ROFLMAO: Also make sure to hide behind your weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg ass mind as an excuse to justify being the trouble maker you are ;)

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif I am very happy you feel the same of God, 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg family and music upload_2019-6-26_12-36-14.gif

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :ROFLMAO: Oh please ya dumb bitch :coffee: You're the one that started all the trouble with your intrusive nature while you hide behind your weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg ass simpleton mind (y) I'm going to be all up your ass no matter what failed disguise you irritate people with :XD: I think you're a delusional horrible disgusting trouble making intrusive boring dumb bitch and you always will be ;) I'm going to go way out of my way to escalate and mock every single thing your intrusive horrible trouble making fake as fuck scamming dumb ass posts :D You're the one that causes all the drama with your delusions and intrusive nature bitch :) You're a trouble maker plain and simple :coffee: I don't live by your non existent child abusing good for absolutely nothing fairy tale creatures rules :sneaky: So please make yourself look even more stupid than you do now :) You tend to turn people off with your boring life nobody ever asks about just saying :ROFLMAO: YOU are the one that started all the trouble in the first damn place because you weren't getting enough attention with your delusional crap and bored the fuck out of everyone ;) I have no problems creating a fresh new thread just to MOCK your stupid delusional ridiculous shit :)

    Now if you want any peace over in that fucked up ancient mess that crook 555rr56654.gif better get his shady ass started on my REFUND :eek: ( pay back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought. ) :) that he owes me because of dumb fuck weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded trouble makers like your stupid ass who have no understanding of reality :coffee: And if he doesn't then I will escalate from the chat room then copy and paste and make a mockery out of every single thread posted over there ( especially yours ) :) until he does and people can blame your disturbingbitch.gif trouble making intrusive dumb ass for it :sneaky: You people seem to have trouble understanding what the word REFUND :eek: ( pay back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought. ) :coffee: means so maybe you should hunt down a dictionary if you even know what the word dictionary means and look it up :XD: I'm sick of you horrible people but I will take it to the next level if I don't have my REFUND :eek: ( pay back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought. ) ;) by this coming Monday and have a blast with it ;) 40.00 :coffee: 20 for me and 20 for the year I paid for my friend TN Dawg that I gifted him for X~Mas 2015 because I'm a better specimen of the human species than you :) You're complete shit for starting the trouble in the first place ya creepy bitch (y)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :coffee: Here's some advice you're too stupid to understand but when you're posting with multiple accounts that are against the rules over in that ancient mess you're not supposed to hit LIKE on yourself or look for sympathy from some made up illness mere moments after joining with multiple accounts using the multiple accounts to over post for a pity party ya dumb bitch abnormalaties c3b17f62b313d8aed505dc0aa8dc61fb66666.gif /lightsolitaire/ /Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif :ROFLMAO: Trouble makers like yourself don't deserve pity or respect from anyone aaaate.jpg because you're a trouble making damn oxygen thief ;) It doesn't appear that you're getting that desperation attention you're always look for :XD: People always seem to pass your trouble making threads right on by because they KNOW you're a trouble maker who thinks you're above everyone else when in fact you're lower than everybody for even starting the shit :) They seem to get easily bored with your personal life you keep trying to force down peoples throats who could give a flying fuck less about it for some strange reason :XD: They'll also KNOW that after this coming Monday ( if I don't get my entitled REFUND :eek: pay back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought. ;) ) when every single thread over there that's posted by anyone is copied then turned into a joke it will all be on YOU disturbingbitch.gif and the crook 555rr56654.gif :D People will be better off on Cosmos relaunched TTI forum because he doesn't rip people off, abuse their personal security, allow bomb threats posted and other peoples children threatened or allow trouble makers like YOU to exist :coffee:

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif
    Music and life

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif I find myself sentimental this evening. Sensitive... 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :sneaky:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :) You're still doing the tune thing wrong trouble making oxygen thief :ROFLMAO: You also appear to be chasing more and more people away with your unimpressive uninteresting boring ass personal life :D You don't attract anyone but your set up self ;) Keep falling on your ass it's hilarious :XD: Don't know if you're aware of this or not but your boring personal life isn't really considered "paranormal" :) You're making that ancient mess look even more ridiculous :coffee: You don't understand how to communicate without conversation ya dumb bitch :ROFLMAO: You're not mentally advanced enough to understand it because of your child abusing good for absolutely nothing fairy tale creature :eek: 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg :coffee: YOU don't know how to EVOLVE :XD: You're incapable of it because of your stupid people book :eek: 12144693_912300128855687_81833 (1).jpg :coffee: thumping restrictions :)

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif Would anyone like take a guess at what kind of planes these are? Flew right over my home. Doesn't appear to be some kind of drill. In drills they normally fly one at a time. Take off, circle and land. My goodness I can't stand war 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg . Or the talk of it. War 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg is nonsense. 135235235235.gif

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :sneaky: That's hysterical ya intrusive oxygen thief bitch disturbingbitch.gif because your child abusing good for nothing fairy tale creature :eek: 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg :confused: represents NOTHING but war, cruelty, death and destruction throughout history ;) You're nonsense :D You represent nothing but nonsense :ROFLMAO: You're a trouble maker and nothing more and everyone knows it because they're ignoring you (y) You come over here and read about how stupid you're making yourself look then get all butt hurt and start in with your unimportant ridiculous delusional crap :XD: I think people over there should be questioning WHY that crook 555rr56654.gif is allowing you to have multiple accounts that are against the rules to cause trouble and irritate people over there :coffee: Does he not know you're doing even more damage and more and more people will grow tired of it and all go to Cosmos better forum where they won't be ripped off or have their children threatened o_O I don't think he understands how much further damage will be caused to that ancient mess if I don't have my REFUND :eek: pay back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought. ;) before midnight Monday :sneaky:

    He can get my REFUND :eek: pay back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought :XD: to me through paypal then I will delete this stupid shit from my forum and be done with you horrible people for good :barefoot: If not this will get more entertaining for me and even more damaging to his ancient forums reputation than it already HAS been ;) I've sat here and watched his numbers continuously go down for years :coffee: and that was only from the stupid comic strip shit from the chat room :XD: If I escalate those numbers will go down further :sneaky:

    Nobody will feel comfortable posting anything over there because it will be copied word for word ( with very few exceptions with those I have a level of respect for ) because it's a public internet forum so I can :D then turned into a joke all over the internet as I go out advertising it ;) I'm going to have soo much fun with it and YOU disturbingbitch.gif will be to blame because of your horrible intrusive trouble making nature :sneaky: I will start the mockery entertainment with this idiotic thread :eek: Questions for John Titor :coffee: with it's own separate thread from the stupid comic strip thread :) You're the dumb fuck who caused ALL of this while you HID behind your weak :eek: 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg ass mind as an excuse to justify it like most weak :eek: 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded trouble makers tend to do :coffee:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :sneaky: Now try your very best to not suck up or kiss too much ass over there when you're being completely disingenuous :XD: to those you talk bad about ;) I have that shit saved here by the way :)

    mantrax6.png :coffee: ;)

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif MG ~ mind your own business too. You do know I can tell now when you're listening in on my phone calls. Like tonight. Heard you loud and clear! You've messed up enough lives. Leave Me Alone!...

    Going completely dark because of you. I've had enough assholes in my life. You're the one I wish I never met.

    How dare you drag me into your world. Not mine.

    Do you know what is wonderful about this, going dark forever? God 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg listens and hears me, even when you can't.

    You may sound out a single unique word. But, He 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg hears every single one even when unspoken in the heart and mind, because he 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg knows the soul. You don't.

    Your technology is useless without a pure soul. Like mine. 135235235235.gif

    You have no clue what I am ready for. Should of let it happen in 2015... 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    Plan A. Not B or Z.

    Sorry. You estimated wrong. But, we only have 1 life to live. Now dont we...

    I didnt waste mine believing in fairytales 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg either. Like you did.

    You're so lucky I don't believe in the power of aliens or reincarnation. In the death penalty made by man, for even Cain walked free. In the right to bare arms, but I refuse to bare any of my own. You're so lucky I believe only 3 out of all creation belong in Hell. 12204_586579814785524_4886654610647194245557.jpg

    Never invade my privacy again. Or drag me into your world.

    I take the fall for almost everyone. And, I don't give a shit. Because I know God 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg knows who I am.

    (Other cheek turned and walks away).


    mantrax6.png :) :coffee:

    abnormalaties/lightsolitaire//Dumb Bitch c3b17f62b313d8aed505dc0aa8dc61fb66666.gif oh no

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg I have 9 lives :XD: I still expect my REFUND :eek: pay back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought by Monday :coffee: It doesn't matter if you're over there irritating people or not with your nonsense ;) If he 555rr56654.gif doesn't refund my money I will start on the threads and graduate from the idiot chat room (y) This s ALL on you for starting the shit in the first place :) not me :coffee: Nobody would be here if it wasn't for your trouble making intrusive nature :cautious: You're delusional and probably shouldn't have started the trouble in 2016 to begin with while hiding behind your fairy tale creature ( that does NOT, never has and NEVER will exist ) :) as an excuse to justify the horrible person you truly are :coffee: You're NOT pure you're a trouble maker ;) Only animals and nature are PURE :) No specimen of the human species has the right to call themselves PURE (y)

    mantrax6.png :eek: :confused:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg I support the death penalty 100% :) Especially for horrible monsters like the convicted murderer PEDOPHILE :eek: image_proxy.php.jpg :sick: parasite arias that YOU are stupid enough to show an ounce of support for who murdered her innocent victim ( who never laid a hand on the bitch ) ;) to hide her pedophilia because she's the abuser to anyone or anything the nasty bitch manages to hop on being the parasite she truly is :cautious: News is out about the real reason she killed him and that was to hide her pedophilia (y) He wouldn't bail her monster ass out of jail when she was arrested for her pedophilia so she got some desperate dirty old man named Gus to do it for special favors in return being the whore hole she is :ROFLMAO: She wanted revenge because she's a selfish greedy horrible monster :cautious: There was a court case about it before she murdered him and she was going to go to prison for 3 years for it ;) She didn't want to have to register as a predator sex offender against children and be known in prison as a PEDOPHILE so she killed him so that court case would be kept secret and other inmates would think of her as only a murderer :coffee: But now they'll know she's the actual pedophile soon after this beasts appeal is denied and it WILL be :)

    This horrible bitch caused the suicide of a 15 year old boy she molested because of her abuse :cautious: The bitch escaped the DP because of the cockroach who handled her mitigation by planting a juror in freak show #2 who LIED at jury selection and will answer for it soon :coffee: That juror #17 had a beef against the Great Juan for throwing her useless to society dirt bag criminal husband in a cage and she wanted revenge (y) I do however take pleasure in knowing the beast will be miserable and suffer in her teeny tiny cage in the desert over the next 5 or 6 decades as she slowly rots then finally drops dead and stops breathing our air she doesn't deserve :D The beast blamed what she does to children on her innocent victim ;)

    You don't support just a murderer ( who deserves to be cremated ALIVE in front of the world especially AZ tax payers she ripped off with her circus freak shows ;) ) who does NOTHING but LIE :cautious: now you support a PEDOPHILE :coffee: Only complete idiots believe anything that comes out of that monsters mouth (y) Glad there's only a pitiful handful of you dumb fucks :) The disgusting bitch thought she was going to get away with the murder for some strange reason and be set free to hop on her next innocent victim and keep her pedophilia case secret and out of public view but now it's all coming out and she WILL be more than fucked in her cage once other inmates who hate pedophiles get a hold of her monster ass :XD: I hope they do to her what was done to Dahmer :)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg I have ZERO sympathy for intrusive trouble makers like YOU disturbingbitch.gif :cautious: FYI the stupid shit you willingly post on a public internet forum all out in the open isn't considered private :D

    disturbingbitch.gif Music and life

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif This morning I woke up with the following song in my head. yy.jpg I guess in response to the those whom would believe they are my authority in life. Personally, I don't care what you do in your personal life. Invading my privacy by listening in on my personal phone calls for God 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg knows how long? Not ok. I have the right to say such as well.

    Lots of encouragement the past two days. Had so much fun patching asphalt yesterday. Truly. The sarcasm thrown my way by men? Given back with Grace and elegance. Love the woman I met today because she understands having assholes in her life. Someone of importance... 12204_586579814785524_4886654610647194245557.jpg

    So, social media? This is where I will be at. The only place. 135235235235.gif

    Take the song for what ever you intend it to be. None of my personal business what you believe, think or perceive. Love me

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitchc disturbingbitch.gif ... Laughing quietly to myself. Keegan, you have it all wrong. See, my mother knew about you before you did. It's not about emotional state. It is about reality animated-sun-image-00685.gif .

    Men like you, trying to control women like me, who were prepared all their life for this time and moment? 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    You lose. Sorry jack ass. When you can't get your buddies to invade my private phone calls, you take to the net. You're Fired as Trump would say.

    Have a nice evening. Reality animated-sun-image-00685.gif is wonderful.

    You darling, can't run a marathon of life.

    I can.

    Go work the Demoncrats some more. See, in reality animated-sun-image-00685.gif I don't buy it. You just can't stand stronger women than you... upload_2019-7-3_6-52-53.gif

    Didn't you hear your superiors? upload_2019-7-3_6-52-53.gif 135235235235.gif

    Reality: animated-sun-image-00685.gif some assholes are just assholes. Sorry you chose to be one of them. You're responsible for such. You're own actions. Blaming women? That's you're own fault. No one else's.

    Take some time for self care Keegan. A time out. Before you internally explode. Your choices dude. Not mine.

    Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif God's 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg words some time ago.

    It does say in scripture God's 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg vengeance is His alone.

    Let it be.

    Just a little spiritual insight, Keegan, that you can't see. My mom was running a marathon in heaven the other day.

    She crossed the finished line.

    You won't. 6.gif

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg No such thing as heaven :XD: You're child abusing good for absolutely NOTHING fairy tale creature doesn't exist ya dumb incapable of evolving intrusive trouble making weak minded bitch :) The SUN animated-sun-image-00685.gif exists have you ever heard of the SUN animated-sun-image-00685.gif o_O You know that big star in the sky that made life possible here on Earth billions of years ago way before your child abusing good for nothing fairy tale creature even existed in the delusional minds of primitive idiots who had no understanding of reality :XD: We don't live in the stone ages any longer :XD: You seem to be turning everyone off again with your delusions and inability to get the attention you'e seeking ;) YOU talk too much about your boring unimpressive uninteresting personal life :ROFLMAO: You're also delusional as fuck (y)

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :) I'm going to make a complete mockery out of this dumb fuck thread :eek: Kay Titor 177 Tempus Edax Rerum 478TT.gif :sneaky:
    next after I finish destroying the John Titor animaatjes-heksen-54805 (1).gif one :coffee: Laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif YOU are still sucking up to those you talk bad about every time you comment as you're being 100% disingenuous :XD: You shouldn't suck up to those you talk bad about that I have respect for ya know ;) Makes you look even more stupid :) You may have had that crook delete what you said but I have it ALL saved over here :sneaky:

    This dumb fuck thread :eek:
    Mandela Effected 2nis6z8777.gif :sneaky: will be on the list of threads to make a mockery out of as well :D

    :sneaky: I'm sure I will be editing this stupid shit :rolleyes: throughout the day :coffee: I just love my Time Traveling Space Ship :sneaky:

    :) 2812243155t7 (1).gif :cool:

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  11. Night Vision

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    TnWatchdog – R I P
    laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb intrusive Bitch
    About to cry. 02553.gif

    I had no clue. Was wondering where he was. Kind of feels like a small part of this sites soul is missing.

    Will shed a few tears for him when alone.

    TN was always kind with a straight wit.

    Meet you in heaven buddy, someday. Where your heart is made perfect and body made whole. Be ready for a bear hug from your small friend. And, a good laugh... cavemanstay.gif

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Bitch don't you dare disrespect my friend TN Dawg with your disingenuous shit :cautious: But you are a low life dirt bag weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded trouble maker so... You went searching for that thread after you read how stupid you look over here to start the shit and I have the day off so you're fucked :) You didn't even KNOW him :coffee: He went out of his way to avoid you like most everyone else does over there because he KNEW you were an intrusive trouble making delusional dumb bitch (y) His soul is over here with his multiple character accounts not over there ;) He didn't go anywhere near that place the morning of his death but was on here that morning with 3 of his accounts :) He thought you were a demented trouble maker and would ignore you over there :XD: I will make your pathetic intrusive trouble making life even more miserable in that ancient mess for disrespecting my friend TN Dawg :cautious: I have his thoughts about YOU here in conversations when you were irritating people with your boring ass personal life under your accounts laon, mystic lady dude, waterand sole, etc... disturbingbitch.gif ;) People should be questioning WHY that dirt bag crook 555rr56654.gif is allowing your stupid ass to post with more than one account when it's against the rules :coffee: You just showed everyone what an EVIL bitch you truly are :) YOU used TN Dawg's passing to bait with :cautious: You're complete shit :cool: You're ZERO challenge bitch :D You only make that ancient mess look more stupid ;) I'm just going to sit back and let you dig your own grave as I laugh my ass off at how incredibly stupid you are :coffee: Everyone is avoiding you because trouble makers like you have no value and they want nothing to do with your fake as fuck dumb ass :)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Miss you Tn Dawg/Wildman :( Sorry this dumb bitch laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb intrusive Bitch disturbingbitch.gif is now intruding her EVIL self in your life with her low life trouble making baiting shit :confused: Here's your theme TUNE I gave you the morning you passed :) You're SOUL is in it :cool:

    mantrax6.png :) :barefoot:

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    #Paradumbass Lands of Make Believe

    555rr56654.gif IS THERE REALLY SUCH A THING AS A SOUL MATE 555rr56654.gif

    graphics-camera-407170566.gif laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb intrusive Bitch disturbingbitch.gif I believe scientifically we each in fact have 1 soulmate for whom we're meant. 135235235235.gif I believe the creation story. 555684584.jpg To this day, men have one less rib than women. BhGDQ3UCcAAcTgy (1)66 (1)66.png In this fact 12204_586579814785524_4886654610647194245557.jpg God 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg has left us scientific proof 135235235235.gif that the creation story is indeed true even in today's world, and confirms each man was given one help mate (soul mate) meant specifically for him. 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Nothing you just said or ever say could ever be considered FACT :ROFLMAO: There's NO factual information that exists or will ever exist on your child abusing good for nothing fairy tale creatures :eek: 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg ;) It's a made up story by stupid people to control even more stupid people :XD: You do realize the world is much older than your child abusing good for nothing fairy tale creatures right ya trouble making dumb bitch o_O The world existed long long before your fairy tale creature story was made up to control stupid people with :XD: The SUN animated-sun-image-00685.gif is real and is what created us :) Without it Earth wouldn't exist (y) Life wouldn't exist ;)

    laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/Dumb intrusive Bitch disturbingbitch.gif Mandela Effect from unwillingly being dragged into another's world? Maybe... yy.jpg I remember counting the ribs 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg as a child when studying male and female anatomy of the encyclopedias in our home. 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg I was about 6 years old. So...I saw a shirt today. yy.jpg "Keep calm and return fire". I don't believe so. Rather I believe it best to "keep calm and ignore the fire thrown". Pardon you Harte
    Have a nice evening

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :coffee: Maybe your stupid ass shouldn't have started the shit then huh ya intrusive weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded dumb bitch :) This is ALL on you and that crook 555rr56654.gif This will never end and only continue to get more fun for me until I get my refund :sneaky:

    mantrax6.png :coffee: :XD:

    Music and life disturbingbitch.gif

    laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/ intrusive trouble making dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif An appointment this morning gave the reminder of a life lesson. For me personally, any social media shouldn't be an option. It reopens doors I've closed. Allows the past the opportunity to swallow up the beauty of the day, and growth thus far I have worked to achieve. yy.jpg

    I accept the knowledge my world is best lived privately and quietly. The best place to express my world, in private writings through a series of books in process of creation. 135235235235.gif

    I've learned I love who I am. Even if lived behind closed doors and in my own heart and mind of knowing the truth of my reality. yy.jpg

    Sharing such is not a necessity. A dream at times. A want. But, not a necessity.

    So, off to live my life where I am most comfortable and at peace. yy.jpg

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: Ya you've said that about 5 times now but yet you continue to look for trouble with your boring ass life nobody ever asks about (y) You disrespected my friend Tn Dawg/Wildman ( with your trouble making baiting crap ) :cautious: who passed 6 months ago who you don't really even KNOW ;) You go around begging people for sympathy and to feel sorry for your trouble making ass as you continue to suck up to those you talk bad about (n) You claim to be better and above everyone else because you live in the stone ages and still believe in fairy tale creatures when in fact your complete shit for starting the trouble in the first place :) You play innocent as you make a fool out of yourself when you're the cause of all the trouble :cautious: You're all butt hurt because you have ZERO control over anybody ;) YOU will never have peace over in that fucked up mess until I get my refund :)

    laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/ intrusive trouble making dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif I find it amusing how 99% of people in this place dispute the Holy 555684584.jpg Spirit in its place of scientific evidence. 135235235235.gif Hello? 10014229_6910648175222.jpg The spirit is something scientifically 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg currently unidentified, however remains the scientific basis as the foundation of everything. God 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg . He isn't stupid... 135235235235.gif

    The song playing now?

    "Never give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and desert you". 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    That's why you use people like me. Pure in heart. yy.jpg

    This world considers it Rick Rolled. A lie. No, Divinely 12204_586579814785524_4886654610647194245557.jpg inspired. Sorry I speak the truth 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg if it offends you. The true God 12204_586579814785524_4886654610647194245557.jpg of all life, speaks like this. Hope. Not degradation.

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg You're as EVIL and demented as this delusional bitch in this clip ;)

    mantrax6.png :) :ROFLMAO:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg You don't speak the truth because you're delusional :ROFLMAO: Again YOU are NOT pure ;) You're a trouble maker :coffee: No human being can ever be pure ya stupid bitch :XD: That right is reserved for animals and nature not your ignorance :ROFLMAO: There's NO scientific evidence that exists on this planet, in our solar system, in our galaxy in the universe to prove your fairy tale creature ya dumb bitch :XD: You're delusional and have no understanding of reality because you're soo damn weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded :) You're child abusing good for nothing fairy tale creature does NOT, never has and NEVER will exist :XD: It's amusing though watching you chase more and more people away with your delusions :ROFLMAO: You continue to break the rules over there and others are witnessing that and wondering why that crook 555rr56654.gif hasn't booted your trouble making intrusive ass yet (n) You're not only making yourself look foolish you're making him look even worse :ROFLMAO: It's hilarious :) By the way the one and only TRUE animated-sun-image-00685.gif creator is the SUN animated-sun-image-00685.gif billions of years ago ya dumb ass stone age bitch :XD: There's no other step your stupid ass into reality (y)

    mantrax6.png :) :XD:

    Dumb Bitch Fishoke 478TT.gif HELLO disturbingbitch.gif

    Dumb Bitch Fishoke 478TT.gif Excited for the new site! disturbingbitch.gif

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :sneaky: You're not any good at disguises ya dumb bitch :ROFLMAO: You have no clue just how stupid you're making yourself look :XD: I may have to let PaulaJedi know abut the bad things you say about her under a few of your other failed disguise ( Laon )attempts :) So don't kiss too much ass :D I have it all here saved and hidden :coffee: I have a feeling that she already knows you're a trouble maker and is doing her best to avoid you though ;) I have respect for her :) I have NO respect for YOU disturbingbitch.gif because you're the trouble maker who started all the shit while hiding behind your idiot stone age religion as an excuse to justify it (y) So keep chasing people away it's very entertaining for me :sneaky:

    555rr56654.gif IS THERE REALLY SUCH A THING AS A SOUL MATE disturbingbitch.gif

    laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/ intrusive trouble making dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif Reality 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg whatever is going on with you has nothing to do with me.

    Kairos/Keegan/stabbingprivatemellish on YouTube found on Google search.

    You've stalked me for a decade. Leave me alone. 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    My song to you.

    You will see me no where on social media.

    Bye. 135235235235.gif

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg You're the most delusional bitch I've ever seen :XD: Oh and you're STILL doing the TUNE thing wrong :ROFLMAO: You're not capable of understanding it because of your fairy tale creature's restrictions and foolish desperation for attention :coffee: Plus you talk way to much (y) You'll never be mentally advanced enough to even begin to understand it because you're trapped in the stone ages and are unable to THINK right :XD: You don't have the freedom I have :sneaky: You do nothing but cause trouble then play innocent because you're a self absorbed dirt bag who wants to control everyone as you man bash to cause further drama :) You're getting desperate and causing more and more trouble because you can't control anyone :XD: You do nothing but bait then complain when people get in your delusional face to call you on it :coffee: Don't pull Paulajedi into your trouble making intrusive disingenuous nature :coffee: You're just complete shit :) All the sucking up you're doing is making you look extremely stupid :D You tend to HIDE behind your weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg mind to be the abuser (n)

    animated-sun-image-00685.gif :sneaky: :ROFLMAO:

    dumbassu.jpg Music and life

    laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/ intrusive trouble making dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif Oh my goodness. The man bash disturbingbitch.gif group is really out for what twirls their skirts today. Their personal bash thrills.

    I believe gay means happy. Not into the lgbt thing myself. But, no judgement 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg here.

    This song? A new favorite.

    Enjoy! 11692734_1625397704374845_7516115143244610140_n77.jpg

    mantrax6.png :) :coffee:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :coffee: There's really nothing to enjoy you're boring as fuck :rolleyes: Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pathetic nit wits in the music industry :ROFLMAO: Your taste in music is just terrible and you have ZERO creativity ;) You continue to make yourself look foolish :ROFLMAO: You need mental help :XD: My kind of crazy is the creative free minded harmless FUN kind of crazy :sneaky: Your kind of crazy is the disturbing intrusive demented EVIL Jim Jones cult self absorbed delusional crazy 7bd3522e98d4965cafaa1594b804f982.jpg Doesn't look like many are drinking your kool aid though :XD: I never click on any boring ass cheesy link you post :ROFLMAO:

    mantrax6.png :) :coffee:

    • #Paradumbass New Profile Posts
    nightcloud Cloud_Guy_from_Trolls.png Does anyone believe the area 51 conspiracies ? 135235235235.gif

    mantrax6.png :coffee: animate_alien_32.gif alien01_24590.gif :sneaky:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg You're STILL see through dumb fuck and not very creative at all :ROFLMAO:

    disturbingbitch.gif Music and life dumbassu.jpg

    laon/lightsolitaire/abnormalaties/ intrusive trouble making dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif This morning? A random scripture 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg reading. The scripture? 555684584.jpg Again, Hosea.

    This time 2:15.

    Hearts and love yy.jpg

    mantrax6.png :coffee: ;)

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg :eek: And yet another cheesy dumb ass tune from the trouble maker disturbingbitch.gif who still doesn't understand how the TUNE thing works :ROFLMAO: You'll never understand it because you have zero creativity and don't have the FREEDOM I have ;) You're boring as fuck and make yourself look more and more stupid each time you show your trouble making face :XD: Thought you said you were leaving for the 20th time ya stupid bitch o_O People are still avoiding your trouble making ass because you're delusional with your Jim Jones cult 7bd3522e98d4965cafaa1594b804f982.jpg crap and they know you're a trouble maker :coffee: Will start a fresh thread about your delusional intrusive trouble making weak :eek: 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg :coffee: minded ass tomorrow too tired for your creepy weak 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded shit tonight ;) Your extreme desperation to be noticed is pathetic :XD:
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