Paradumbass I'm a real victim of Time Travel

Discussion in 'Hen House Cafe' started by Paradumbass, Dec 30, 2019.

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    animated-sun-image-00685.gif I've been trying to resist this ridiculous delusional retarded shit from The Paradumbass 555rr56654.gif Lands of Make Believe but I can't any longer :ROFLMAO: The absolute ridiculous crap that comes out of this freak NIXIE'S sourc.gif mouth is hystericaly stupid :XD: There are a few on this thread I have gained respect for so they won't be featured in this stupid post that I'm doing in my world :) A world where I can't be banned for speaking the truth or my mind :sneaky: I don't think I'll ever unlock my registration here in my world because I refuse to risk this type of delusional WEAK 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded dumb fuck infecting my world with their fucked up in the head delusional nonsense about nonexisting fairy tale creatures :ROFLMAO: It's extremely disturbing that soo many of these ridiculous fools even exist at this point in time (n) I won't waste my time bringing all the stupid shit from this idiot here so just a small section will be used to mock :sneaky:

    Paradumbass NIXIE sourc.gif It is one of the most evil secrets that Satan uses the Freemasons to keep(at least in other dimensions that I come from). I am from other dimensions where my freemason grandfather put me through a series of time machine portals more than once to dimensions they had pre-designed with a sort of script or notes to set up this and that here and there to ruin my true life and control almost everything just how they desired to all because I am Christian d12cef272946d6e3c26d211e2b682caa.jpg and they worship satan, the enemy of the almighty GOD 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg /Jesus Christ 555684584.jpg

    :eek: ClumsyDimwittedJabiru-size_restricted.gif :coffee:

    444444 (1)ttt (1).jpg Hey dumb fuck YOU are NOT a time traveler because an actual time traveler wouldn't be wasting their fucking :eek: TIME :XD: on an ancient fucked up Paradumbass forum ( where the admin rips people off and abuses their personal security ) ;) trying to pathetically convince others they are :ROFLMAO: OK you stupid fucking idiot :) An actual time traveler would have more important things to be doing :ROFLMAO:

    Your child abusing good for absolutely NOTHING ( but a joke ) ;) fairy tale creatures do NOT exist :) They never have existed, they DON'T exist now and they will NEVER exist :XD: You're a delusional demented WEAK 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded dumb fuck who's soo full of shit it's shocking you can even type and that's all you will apparently ever be :confused: Your fairy tale creatures represent NOTHING but war, cruelty death and destruction throughout history :coffee: There's NOTHING good about that horrible shit dumb fuck :XD: At some point people are going to have to learn how to use their brains to identify the difference between reality and fairy tales and move away from that PRIMITIVE caveman.png way of thinking :barefoot: It will make the world a better place ;)

    I have asked multiple times for this dumb bitch :eek: Paradumbass laon/lightsolitaire/waterandsol/intrusive trouble making Needy dumb Bitch disturbingbitch.gif :coffee: who started all the trouble in the first place to explain and the dumb bitch can't explain it because your fairy tale creatures are not real but in words alone to the delusional WEAK 10403585_589368171173355_8329782176082626091_n76.jpg minded sheep :)

    animated-sun-image-00685.gif Now explain WHY your child abusing good for nothing fairy creature 10991225_689474764496028_8896251797102584963_n6666.jpg and his made up TERRORIST son's PLAN for these innocent babies is to slowly painfully starve to death :eek: 51861097_252562362330586.jpg :confused: That's some pretty fucked up shit making your fairy tale creatures EVIL and cruel as fuck ;) There's NO explanation and no justification for that horrible shit no matter how hard you idiot STUPID people book thumpers dodge the challenge :)

    mantrax6.png :) :ROFLMAO:
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    Paradumbass NIXIE sourc.gif haha those people are so wrong.. I am so sorry for them.

    wow I don't even feel like reading all that evil garbage that is basically just satan speaking through whatever deprived human that thinks they know what life is that SERIOUSLY WASTED their time not only typing that all up, but thinking it all up and collecting the memes too like wow haha must have been a fun way to waste a few days... yy.jpg

    101.gif 12107995_912302152188818_3 (1).jpg 102.gif

    animated-sun-image-00685.gif :coffee: :sneaky:
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