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    animated-sun-image-00685.gif I found this hilarious and extremely disturbing at the same time :ROFLMAO: NOTHING but pure selfishness :cautious: These stupid people book thumpers don't seem to care they put others at risk so they can worship their child abusing good for absolutely NOTHING fairy tale creatures :barefoot: I hope other dumb fuck stupid people book thumpers get the same treatment :) STAY the FUCK home you horrible selfish disgusting stupid people book thumpers :confused: Neither you or your dumb fuck fairy tale creatures have the right to put others at risk :cautious: Especially those who live in and understand reality and don't suffer from the stone ages caveman.png stupid people book virus ;) You horrible people are NOT allowed to get away with murdering innocent people who live in and understand REALITY these days :coffee: Remember ya damn fucking idiots :cautious: We don't live in the fucking stone ages any longer ;) If any of these useless to society dumb fuck stupid people book thumpers have or had the virus and gives or gave it to others who die :cautious: I hope this dumb fuck pastor is charged with manslaughter or worse 1st degree premeditated murder for knowingly putting people at risk and gets to spend his time in a tiny monster cage for decades :) Another Jim Jones sociopath stupid people book thumping monster and his brainwashed idiot sheep :barefoot: This is probably WHY it keeps spreading because the fucking horrible stupid people book thumpers are too damn selfish to keep their dumb asses home all over the world :cautious: Stupid people book thumpers are nothing but inconsiderate delusional dumb fucks (n) I mean how exactly FUCKED up in the head are you sickening fucking people o_O I really hope your stupid people book temples burn the fuck down for putting innocent people at risk over your damn fairy tale creatures you inconsiderate fucks :confused: ALL forms of stupid people book gathering places need to be shut down all over the world or this virus will NEVER end because these horrible selfish delusional people will keep spreading it :cautious: That's probably the reason it got soo out of control in the first damn place by them swarming and gathering like roaches all over the place with their dumb fuck stone age caveman.png end of times retarded signs and idiot delusional brainwashed belief systems :XD:

    animated-sun-image-00685.gif Don't worry stupid people book thumpers :sneaky: If you idiots die from the virus that you people are most likely responsible for spreading around do to your EXTREMELY selfish inconsideration for others and stupidity :confused: I'll still be ALIVE to tell your stupid people book story for the future :ROFLMAO: The title will be called "The Stupid People Book" ;) It'll be a story based on TRUTH :) NOT make believe :XD: You dumb fuck delusional stupid people book thumpers that worship imaginary creatures who represent nothing but war, cruelty, death and destruction won't be missed by me that's for damn sure :) Your high levels of stupidity need to vanish from planet Earth anyway :D If the virus wipes you disgusting stupid people book thumpers out that put innocent people at risk with your stupidity and dumb fuck fairy tale creatures all over the world it would be a better place to exist in for sure :coffee:

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