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    Coast to Coast - In the first half, author and researcher Christian Wilde joined George Noory to discuss his latest work in the arena of health and the ongoing benefits of the spice turmeric. He also updated his research into heart disease and various treatments such as stem cell therapy. Though a recent study showed that heart stents don't help prevent chest pain, Wilde cited a promising new form of stent that was developed in Germany, made from a biodegradable polymer, which dissolves after the stent has strengthened the artery. Heart disease is associated with inflammation in the body, as is cancer, he noted, and one of the many uses of turmeric is to reduce inflammation.

    A recent study found improvement in cognition and short term memory for people taking turmeric, he reported. The supplement, he added, has also been found to be beneficial for such conditions as fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy pain, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Taking turmeric with black pepper helps keep its healthful properties in the body longer, otherwise they are flushed out of the system quicker, he explained. Wilde also shared "heart warming" accounts from the medical field such as when a man generously offered one of his kidneys to a patient that needed one, and as a result saved his own life-- it was discovered there was an aneurysm behind the kidney they removed from him.

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