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    The third secret from Fatima. The message from Mother Maria to the whole world.
    During the third apparition of Mother Maria in Fatima on 13.7.1917 Lucia received three
    messages, that were meant to be communicated to the whole mankind.

    Events overview:

    On the 13.5.1917, ten years old Lucia dos Santos, her nine years old cousin Francesco Marto
    and his seven years old sister Jacinta experienced apparition of Mother Maria in Fatima,
    Estramadura province in Portugal. During the third apparition Lucia received the three secrets
    as mentioned already above. She should have passed them on once Mother Maria would
    instruct her to do so. During the sixth apparition thousands of present pilgrims and even the
    people living in the whole area could see the well known ”Sun miracle”.

    Lucia leaves for the monastery, Francesco and Jacinta die. Lucia receives the instruction to
    pass the secrets to the public in a written form. The third secret should be hand over directly to
    the pope. The pope, according to the wish of Mother Maria, should open it and communicate it
    to the mankind only in 1960. Until this time archbishop from Leira saves it sealed.

    The sealed letter with the Third secret is handed over to the Holy Council in Rome. The pope
    Pius the 12th passes the unopened letter to his successor pope Jan the 23rd.

    The Third secret is translated to English and Russian and in October during the Cuban crises
    it helps to prevent the start of the World War III. Vatican diplomats send the text of the Third
    secret to Washington, Moscow, London and to the then general secretary of UNO U-Thant. On
    the 26th of December, the pope decides that the Third secret will not be communicated to
    the mankind.

    The Third secret plays an important role in the sign-off of the pact about the reduction of
    the atomic armament signed by USA, Great Britain and Soviet Union of that time. On the
    15th of October, the German journalist Luis Emrich publishes in the magazine ”New Europe ” in
    Stuttgart text of the Third secret in German obtained from the diplomats.

    Prelate Corrado Balducci publishes an article ”Profetia e Realta” with the text of the Third secret
    in Italian in the ”L Observatore della Domenica”. ”Propadanda Mariana di Maria Stella” based in
    Rome sends out this Italian text on request. All the texts published so far have been adapted
    versions of the relayed original.


    Mother Maria repeats its warning to the mankind in the media report and she again
    strongly requests publishing of the Third secret, which has been so far withheld by the
    official clerical authorities. She again repeats the text in the full wording:

    This text represents 65% of the original message, called the Third secret received by Lucia do
    Santos in 1917. The text was received again in 1988 by another person. He received that part of
    the original message related directly to the near future. The missing part (35% of the original
    text received in 1917) talks about the longer-term future (about the return of the Kingdom of God
    to the Earth).

    ”Child, I chose you to pass on to you a message, that belongs to all people. Go and make my
    words public to let the whole world to hear them ! Do not worry, I will be with you all the time !
    You will be attacked by many, but the deeper your belief will be, less you will feel their attacks.
    The words that I am telling you now belong to all people. They should help them to understand
    what is there in the future for them. The mankind walks towards big punishments. These will not
    come today or tomorrow, but before the end of the 20th century. The mankind does not
    develop in a way desired by the Creator. The Creator’s rules and gifts are trampled with a
    recalcitrance and pride. There is no order anywhere on the Earth. Satan has its seat
    everywhere including the highest clerical and governmental positions. Satan’s aim is to
    seize people under his own control.

    Satan will influence and confuse the brains of scientists who will invent the weapons capable to
    destroy millions of lives - more than a half of the mankind - in a couple of minutes. He will not
    stop to the most powerful on the Earth, he will force them to order a production of a huge
    amount of weapons, which can destroy in one moment any life on the planet Earth. Woes will be
    all the ruling ones on this Earth, woes will be all clerical dignitaries who will not stand up against
    the Satan’s devil playing and will not show the people the direction to an upheaval! Then I will
    allow the punishing arms of my terrestrial son, Jesus Christ, to fall and strike.

    Woes will be all the powerful ones of this Earth, woes will be all these who would not have been
    trying to keep the order. Then I will ask God to pass sentence on the mankind, which will be
    much more horrible than the deluge of the world had been.

    Satan holds rule everywhere on the Earth. There will be fights among the clerical dignitaries
    because Satan infiltrated their rows. There will be big changes in Rome. What is rotten, will fall
    down and what will be falling down, will not be caught, because the teaching of the church has
    been darkened. The entire mankind the whole Earth will go through terrible sufferings. Fire and
    smoke will be falling from the sky and the whole Earth will be covered by darkness. The waters
    of oceans will start to evaporate and the temperature will be so high, that the fizzling foam of the
    waters will reach up to the sky.

    Everything what stands will be torn down, from one hour to another millions and millions
    of people will die. Those who will stay alive will envy those who would have already died.
    The whole Earth will be shaking and penury and hunger will reign everywhere.

    Time is passing quickly and the gap between the spiritual kingdom and the kingdom of a man is
    becoming bigger and bigger. The mankind in its ignorance and pride is helping Satan to win.
    Satan will gain control over the whole world.


    Those who will stay alive will call God for help and He will listen to them. A new life will come,
    such a life as before the time when a man and the world had lost to a devil.

    I am calling all the followers of my terrestrial son, Jesus Christ ! Look for his closeness, turn
    towards him, he is a guaranty that you will survive in spirit during this period.

    The time of all times is coming closer and closer and the end of the end is not far. Woes, woes
    are all the powerful ones of this world, woes are all the clerical representatives who will not turn
    their steps towards the rectification. Woe, if everything stays as it is now ! Then everything will
    be much worse than the things that I am telling you now.

    Go my child and pass on my words to those who have the power to communicate them to the
    mankind. I am with you and I will be all the time.

    Remember well what I am telling you and make sure, that it is made public for the whole world.”
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